SKINFOOD Mint Sparkling Foot Peeling Socks

Gives rough skin and heels silky easy care. How to use 1. After 1~1 hr 30 minutes remove pack and...

AED 37 AED 30


SKINFOOD Mint Sparkling Foot Scrub

Clean and fresh cleansing with moisture ingredient for moisture care.Stone powder removes dead skin gently.Fresh and cool citrus mint scent. How to...

AED 60 AED 48


SKINFOOD Rose & Tea Scented Body Scrub

Bulgarian rose meets English Black TeaMoisturizing perfumed body scrub that exfoliates skin with thick foam, apricot seed powder and raspberry...

AED 73 AED 58


TONYMOLY Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Cream Sugar Scrub

Magical effects of fresh food!Sweet strawberry scrub that focuses on smooth skin texture and nutrition supply. How to Use Take an...

AED 61 AED 49


Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Cream

Gentle yet powerful dead skin cell removing properties How to use 1- Apply on skin 2- wait 5 to 10...

AED 58 AED 46


It's SKIN Clear Skin Peeling Jelly

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Jelly visibly rolls, lifts,and seeps away dead skin cells by double screw polymer and gives exfoliating...

AED 52 AED 42


SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Hot Steam Pack

Clay heat pack with sulfur and egg white ingredient to remove pore blackheads and sebum for silky skin careMassage gives...

AED 77 AED 62


INNISFREE My Secret Body Spot Peeling

Scrub granules remove old dead skin and white dead skin.Peeling ingredient gently treat impurities for silky skin care.Moisture rich texture...

AED 56 AED 45


Milky Dress Repair Goose-skin Cream

Highly moisturizing ingredients, Camellia oil and Avocado oil make outer layer of skin soft and strengthen inner skin elasticity. While...

AED 116 AED 93


MIZON Honey Black Sugar Scrub

-Natural black sugar powder exfoliates dead skin and blackheads, controls excess sebum, and nourishes radiant skin -Removes old dead skin,...

AED 192 AED 154


It'S SKIN Mango White Peeling Gel

- Peeling gel mixed with mangosteen extract 1200 mg, papaya extract, and 7 kinds of herb extract. Fragrance - Fresh...

AED 44 AED 35


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Grapefruit Smoothie Body Scrub Wash

Scrub and wash at once while in shower. Convenient care of corneous tissue. Provides moisture deep into your body. Grapefruit...

AED 72 AED 58


Innisfree Sea salt Body Oil Scrub

This enriched moisture scrub with its oil containing sea salt gently removes unnecessary dead skin cells,leaving your dry body feeling irresistibly...

AED 135 AED 108


MIZON Push Out Volcanic Gommage

Volcanic ash extracts from Jeju Island absorbs excessive sebum and skin wates to tighten pore. How to use After cleansing,...

AED 150 AED 120


Secret Key Power Maximizing Recovery Cream

1. 2 in 1 Apply before / after work out.2. It maximizes efficiency of work out when it is used...

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Label Young Shocking Pack Season4 (Pore + Scrub + Cleansing)

3in1 multi care to treat pores + scrub + cleansing at once.Removes pore sebum, impurities, fine dust, blackheads, white heads...

AED 102 AED 82