Milky Dress White Virgin

Body whitening gel for uneven dark body and face. How to use Apply anywhere except near eyes and lips More...

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Milky Dress Deo Essence

Milky Dress deo essence prevents the unpleasant smell under the arm and improves the darkish armpit and whitens it. Vitamin...

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Milky Dress Virgin Peach

As whitening & anti-wrinkle double functional cosmetics, it cares the area of pigment. It makes the darken area such as...

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Milky Dress Premium

The Milky Dress White Premium brightens and repairs skin. It is softly absorbed into skin like whipped cream. Snail Secretion...

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Milky Dress Repair Goose-skin Cream

Highly moisturizing ingredients, Camellia oil and Avocado oil make outer layer of skin soft and strengthen inner skin elasticity. While...

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MILKYDRESS The White Tigresa Cream

An effective cream takes care of weakened skin from external factors,soothes and reduce the irritation. Snail secretion filtrate moisturizes the...

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MILKYDRESS The White Beige

Gentle Beige colored formula is absorbed as soon as it gets to the skin and naturally brightens the skin tone.Several kinds...

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MILKYDRESS The Secret Essence

: Body essence specially for Y Zone.: Provide non drying moisture all day.: 5 non additive reduced irritation (paraben, mix...

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MILKYDRESS White Virgin Powder

5 kinds of vitamin complex improve dull skin intensively, brighten it and various ingredients of plant origin keep the skin...

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Milky Dress Oasis Peeling Gel

Exfoliation Pore Control Skin Soothing How to use Dry after cleansing, spread, massage and wash away. More information

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Milky Dress Peach I Intense Care Serum

Reddened skin? Not anymorel Brighten Your Skin! How to use Drop a few drops of the serum on your skin....

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Milky Dress Take-Care Body Cleanser

After shower when feel dry use body cleanser on the sensitive skin. Sericulture extracts treat problem skin troubles. Deep cleanser...

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Soothes the sensitive spot due to the irritation or the stress and helps skin brightness and clarity formulated with bacilusBombycis...

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