OGANA CELL / Peptide Concentrating Amazing Lotion - 60ml

Optimum balance of moisture and sebum provides enough sebum and refreshed feeling.Mild lotion which is lower than EWG level 1,...

AED 1,784 AED 1,338


OGANA CELL / Peptide Concentrating Heaven Water - 120ml

The best balancing of elasticity, moisture, calm.Arranges skin and makes the face moisturized.Patent amino acid complex helps to maintain.Optimizing ratio...

AED 990 AED 743


OGANA CELL / Peptide Concentrating Miracle Ample - 1pack (8ml x 4 pieces)

Because of compound between Peptide and vitamin, you can experience strong antioxidation.Miracle antioxidation power that changes brown apple to white.Just...

AED 2,973 AED 2,230


OGANA CELL / Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser - 120ml

Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser cleanses deeply and gently the pores from dead skin cells, excess oil, make up and impurities...

AED 399 AED 299


OGANA CELL / Peptide Concentrating True Cream - 50ml

High content of peptide product for collagen creation and skin recover.High enrichment of Peptide accelerates synthesis of collagen which strengthen...

AED 2,478 AED 1,859


OGANA CELL / Peptide Recovery Cream - 50ml

OGANACELL RECOVERY CREAM is composed of 10 special components for your skin, helping to be elastic and moisturize.Optimum balance of...

AED 197 AED 148