A'PIEU / Essential Source Salt Soap - 100g


AED 33
AED 33
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Trouble Care.
Sensitive skin care.
Including a bubble-making soap bag : Making rich and fine bubble.
Containing Dead Sea Salt 3% (enriched minerals and vitamins): Trouble Care, Smoothing skin-texture, Skin nourishment.
Containing Natural vegetable soap base (Coconut and palm oil): Hypoallergenic soap.

How to use

- Create lather by rubbing soap with wet hands and gently apply lather onto face.
- Gently roll soap_ÌÏ_s dented side with bumps onto areas that need special pore care.
With soap_ÌÏ_s sharper edges, delicately roll soap onto skin_ÌÏ_s narrower areas, such as next to the nose.
- Contents : 100g