A'PIEU / Wild Matt Lipstick - 3.5g


AED 68
BR01 Cinnamon Red
CR01 Love Foolosophy
CR02 More Than
CR03 Lettering Rose
CR04 Side Walk
OR01 Cheese Smile
PK01 Mini Blazer
PK02 Razzle Pink
RD01 Lazy Sun
RD02 Red Appeal
RD03 Warm & Cold
RD04 Berry Wild
AED 68
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The lipstick makes the lips look attractive with melting texture and favorite color.

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to your lips.
- Options :BR01 Cinnamon RedCR01 Love FoolosophyCR02 More ThanCR03 Lettering RoseCR04 Side WalkOR01 Cheese SmilePK01 Mini BlazerPK02 Razzle PinkRD01 Lazy SunRD02 Red AppealRD03 Warm & ColdRD04 Berry Wild - Contents : 3.5g