Holika Holika Cheoeum Balhyo Miracle Seed Emulsion

Holika Holika

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  Cheoeum Balhyo Series Miracle Seed has an effective tonic effect, helping to get the effect of a young, radiant skin. Carefully selected component composition provides a full line of skin care, stimulates regeneration, neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. Effectively protects the skin from environmental factors. Its components soften and moisturize the skin, slow the aging process. Natural ingredients of cosmetics formulated by natural fermentation, immediately conveys the freshness of the skin and maintains a clean, healthy tone. The series inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, lightens the skin. Allantoin is the strongest moisturizer, exfoliates dead skin cells, provides regeneration, relieves irritation. Caffeine improves blood circulation and nutrition of the skin, reduces puffiness, stimulates lipolysis fat subcutaneous fat. Panthenol perfectly restores the skin, has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, soften and restore the skin.
1. Apply according to skin texture. 2. Grab face for absorption.

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