Tonymoly / Clean Dew Foam Cleanser


AED 18
Lemon Clean & Bright
Aloe Moist & Soothe
Red Grapefruit Refreshing & Elastic
Blueberry Smooth & Radiant
AED 18
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[Tonymoly] Clean Dew Foam Cleanser [Tonymoly] Clean Dew Foam Cleanser [Discreiption] Clean, cleaning, skin health and helps to relax.Lemon - Vitamin C rich.
Skin stress relief.Aloe - Moisturizes dry skin.
Soothing.Acerola - Formulated with a sleek and vibrant skin.Red Grapefruit - Red grapefruit excellent antioxidant.
Gives the skin elasticity.Blueberry - contains various vitamins and minerals.
Skin stress relief.

How to use

When washing your face, work into a lather, and gently massage into the face, then rinse off with lukewarm water.
- Option :Lemon(Clean & Bright)Aloe(Moist & Soothe)Acerola(Vigorous & Healthy)Red Grapefruit(Refreshing & Elastic)Blueberry(Smooth & Radiant) - Contents : 180ml