TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Cream


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AED 133
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For beautiful skin texture: Moisturizing Firming and lustre. Salivary gland of leech: Improves unhealthy complexion. Sucks out bad blood. Cheongyeoul Boyundan: Anti-heat aging. Soothes facial redness and flushing. Onggi fermentation process for 24 months (more potent formulation) Deer Antler Collagen water and 12 medicinal herbs for skin nourishment and moisturization. Suitable for: Dry skin Facial flushing Dull and crumbly skin thin skin layer Skin problems at menopause Wrinkles Sensitive skin

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin around the eyes and spread thinly. Pat gently for better absorption.

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